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Hello Everybody,

I am participating in the magazine and nut program to earn money to support Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania.

We want to plan fun activities and help the community. The program also helps me build a lifetime of skills and confidence.

I created two personalized sites one for magazines and one for nuts and chocolates. If you visit them you will see my special message, my goal, a video and picture!

If you click here to buy or renew your favorite magazines, over 50% of your purchase goes to Girl Scouts. There is a great selection of print and digital titles and the prices are much less expensive than on the newsstand.

You can also purchase nuts and chocolates. Just click here to view the awesome products.

I hope you like my sites they are fun and easy places to shop and any purchase helps me reach my goal. 

Plus, I may earn a personalized patch with my name on it!


Shop Makenzie's Magazine Site

Shop Makenzie's Nuts and Chocolate Site


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